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Conferences provide a valuable platform for networking, forging new business alliances, acquiring insights into the latest trade and investment prospects, establishing meaningful connections, seeking peer-to-peer advice on investing in Africa, and finalizing pending business deals.

Our programming covers a wide array of sectors, regions, and topics pertinent to trade and investment on the African continent. Through keynote addresses, plenary sessions, panel discussions, group and private meetings, as well as networking receptions, participants engage in discussions concerning the most critical issues affecting businesses on the continent.

Our conferences afford participants the opportunity to:


  • Connect with high-level UAE and African government representatives, including Heads of State, ministers, and decision-makers.

  • Network with business leaders spanning from the C-suite to business development.

  • Identify potential business partners and explore collaboration prospects.

  • Obtain real-time leads that could culminate in sales and contractual agreements.

  • Participate in dynamic sessions centered on African business.

  • Learn from prominent experts in UAE and African industries about best practices for business, trade, and investment.

  • Showcase their companies to prominent businesses and key government officials.

Special Events

In addition to our conferences, UAE Trade Center hosts special events such as presidential visits, gala reception, roundtable discussions, and site visits throughout the year. These events feature African government delegations visiting the United Arab Emirates on bilateral and multilateral visits.


UAE Trade Center's Special Events offer members unique opportunities to engage directly with influential government officials and decision-makers, exchange business insights and concerns, establish new business partnerships thru verified business meetings and matchmaking projects.


Special Events allow UAE Trade Center members to:

  • Meet and build relationships with senior government officials.

  • Initiate new business agreements and explore fresh business opportunities.

  • Gain insights into local business practices, trade policies, and investment prospects.

  • Foster connections with key decision-makers to achieve business development goals.

  • Network with fellow business executives to share best practices.


Trade Missions

UAE Trade Center also conducts trade missions on the African continent, designed to help companies explore trade and investment possibilities in African markets.


These missions serve as catalysts for UAE firms to establish strategic connections with local business communities in Africa, gain access to influential economic decision-makers, and engage with senior government officials.

Our trade missions provide participants with the chance to:

  • Network with senior government officials through group and private meetings.

  • Explore business opportunities in promising African countries and sectors.

  • Enhance their understanding of local investment environments.

  • Identify potential business partners during meetings with local business leaders.

  • Secure real-time leads that may result in sales and contractual agreements.

Business Meetings

UAE Trade Center organizes executive meetings (G2G, B2G,B2B) with high-level African and UAE government officials. These meetings provide a platform for members to engage privately with key decision-makers, discuss specific business challenges and concerns, share business successes and insights, and negotiate business agreements.

These private meetings take place alongside our conferences, trade missions, and events, offering members the opportunity to establish stronger business relationships with key stakeholders to achieve their business development objectives.


Executive meetings afford UAE Trade Center members the opportunity to:

  • Network privately with senior government officials.

  • Engage in confidential discussions with key decision-makers to address business needs and concerns.

  • Negotiate new business deals and explore fresh business prospects.

  • Gain deeper insights into local investment policies and requirements.

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